Wan.der.lust II - New York Contemporary Art Symposium

Wan.der.lust II - New York Contemporary Art Symposium

Islip Art Museum. Long Island. New York
2 Octubre 2016 al 20 Octubre 2016


Wan.der.lust II -  Islip Art Museum Special Exhibition 

The Artists of NYCAS' 16

NYCAS seeks to encourage and improve the cultural exchange between artists and collaborating communities. This year we are collaborating with the International Meeting of Art (IMA), an international non-profit organization dedicated to arts and cultural exchange and encouraging, supporting, and facilitating the possibility for artists of all mediums and different cultures to work together. The mission is to establish a working cooperation that will encourage and improve the cultural exchange between artists of varying backgrounds, thus creating a broader understanding of contemporary arts. Symposiums are held multiple times per year throughout the world. NYCAS will take place on Long Island from September 19 – October 3, 2016.

NYCAS brings art professionals from around the world together to foster new international networks, develop cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate cooperation. This symposium will provide 5 + international artists with housing, studio space, all meals, trips to cultural centers, and selected artist supplies at no cost to them. Lifting these financial burdens for the artists provides them the opportunity to explore their creativity with others.

For 2016 NYCAS will continue to encourage artistic exchange by exhibiting the works of local artists paired with works created by the visiting artists in a museum exhibition entitled Wanderlust: Chile to NY. As collaborators the Islip Art Museum (IAM) and Patchogue Arts Council will arrange events enabling all members of the community to gain from the Symposium. These events benefit the community by providing exposure to the cultures and creative practices of participating artists. The 2013 Symposium introduced the community to a variety of art forms including a moving performance art piece surrounding the 9/11 memorial at Brookwood Hall, the home of IAM. In 2015 the community had a unique opportunity to explore historical photographic techniques with one of our NYCAS artists, Dr. Andrei Budescu. The community at large shared in artist talks and exhibits featuring NYCAS artists paired with the work of local artists in a variety of mediums including blown glass, painting, photography, installation, and performance.

The New York Contemporary Arts Symposium (NYCAS) takes place on the South Shore of Long Island from September 19 - October 3, 2016.

Curated By Beth Giacummo